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Year 5 Curriculum

Year 5 Term 1 - How have invaders left their mark?

At the start of year 5 children will be organising an exhibition space at the school pop- up museum on invaders and how they have left their mark.  They will consider both the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings and explore the reasons for their invasion and settlement and the impact it has had on our world. Children will explore Beowulf among other stories, become Vikings for the day and also design and make a Viking longboat. They will explore more about Earth and Space scientifically - including contrasting this to how the Vikings and Anglo Saxons saw the world. As part of their learning challenge they will cook traditional Anglo Saxon and Viking food, create and perform Norse music and dance, as well as exploring Norse art in a virtual art gallery. By the end of the learning challenge the children will have explored both the positive and negative ways in which people have left their mark on the world and how this legacy forms part of our culture and history.

Year 5 term 2 - How Can We Help Save The World?

In the Spring Term in year 5 children will organise and run a fair trade cafe where they will raise money to try and support the rainforest - by working with the Rainforest Sky campaign, a hectare of devastated rainforest could be replanted successfully. They will read Rudyard Kipling’s classic The Jungle Book, explore South and Central American art and create plant sculptures to sell at their fair trade cafe.  Children will also develop their research skills, finding out about the ancient Mayan civilisation. They will make bug houses to support animals within our school and their garden environments as well as learning further about food production, renewable and non-renewable sources of energy - so becoming more informed about where different foods have originated. By the end of the learning challenge the children will have looked at the impact of deforestation across the world and how we can make positive changes to our own local environment, as well as support rainforest communities through adopting the principles of fair trade.

Year 5 term 3 - What might we learn from great designers and inventors to help us create a product of our own?


In the Summer term year 5 children will design, create and pitch a new moving machine for an agreed purpose ready to share with the dragons in the ‘Dragons’ Den’. They will explore books and films such as The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions to feed their creative ideas. Throughout the term, the children will look at the Victorians and industrialisation, including investigating the thrills of Victorian fairgrounds and how the different rides were invented and powered; they will also learn about Leonardo da Vinci’s historical design work - still used as models in art and design today.  Becoming cryptographers, children will look at Alan Turing's secret invention that helped win a war and explore maps as another of the world’s greatest inventions. By the end of the learning challenge the children will have further developed their creativity as well as discovered how inventors and inventions have made, and continue to make, great changes to people’s lives.


Please note that our learning challenge overview statements do not include every subject or area that will be taught that term. They are just to give you a flavour of the sort of things the children will be learning and the learning outcomes at the end of each term.

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