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Year 4 Curriculum

Year 4 - Term 1 - What was it like for people in Ancient and Early civilisations?

In the first term our year 4 children will be helping to organise and run an Egyptian exhibition as part of our whole school pop-up museum event. They will explore many aspects of this ancient civilisation including looking at the significance of the River Nile, pharaohs and gods, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb as well as learning to appreciate history through handling authentic Egyptian artefacts and taking a 3D tour of the national museum. Pupils will design and create replica pieces of Egyptian art and jewellery; they will develop teamwork skills constructing an Egyptian throne. By the end of the learning challenge, our children will have a better understanding of how ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptians, have left their mark on the world and how some of these changes continue to impact on our world today.

Year 4 - Term 2 -  How can we celebrate different parts of Europe through food?

In the Spring Term the children will be creating a European buffet style restaurant for their parents and carers to celebrate European food and culture. They will explore the origins of dishes common to several different European countries - having the opportunity to prepare recipes, taste foods and write instructions too. Pupils will learn about sound and how we hear, appreciating the music of some famous European composers and learning to create their own anthems. They will learn about electrics and use their knowledge to create lighting designs for their restaurant. In addition, they will explore and create their own interpretations of the works of some famous European artists and sew buntings and flags to decorate their venue. By the end of the learning challenge, our children will have a better understanding of different countries and cultures across Europe - and how we can celebrate our differences together.

Year 4 - Term 3 - Why is clean water so important to the world and how can we support people to access it?

In the Summer Term the children will campaign to use water more responsibly. They will investigate water in different states, whilst finding out about water habitats and inhabitants of these both locally and more globally too. They will link with the Canal Trust and British Waterways to help support their learning, including working in partnership to help maintain and improve local canals. They will also work with peers to make the most effective moving bridge and will explore how railways and canals were used in the past to transport goods - playing their vital role in Britain’s manufacturing success. Exploring how sanitation has developed from the past, pupils will research about water issues today both in our country and in other parts of the world - where accessing clean water is still a challenge; they will make recommendations as to how we can, as global citizens, use water more responsibly. By the end of the learning challenge, our children will have had the opportunity to be campaigners, looking at how we impact on a global environment and how we can be more responsible citizens of the world.


Please note that our learning challenge overview statements do not include every subject or area that will be taught that term. They are just to give you a flavour of the sort of things the children will be learning and the learning outcomes at the end of each term.

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