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Year 3 Curriculum

Year 3 Term 1 - What was it like to be in Ancient Greece?

In the first term year 3 will be creating a display for the pop-up museum showcasing what they have learnt about what it would have been like in Ancient Greece.  The children will read many Greek myths and legends; they will recreate some of their own myths and explore how to turn one into an animation using their computing skills.  Pupils will learn about different types of rocks and fossils, as well as investigate the science topic of light and shadows. Using their knowledge, they will then create movings shadow puppets and be able to present original Greek mythological scripts in their own shadow theatre for audiences to enjoy. They will design and create a moving Greek chariot for racing and will showcase a Greek Zorba dance at the pop-up museum event. The children will look at the human and physical features of Greece and compare them to the UK; they will also be investigating key aspects of life in Ancient Greece, including democracy, the Trojan war and the Olympics. By the end of the learning challenge, our children will have learnt how the Ancient Greeks left their mark on our world and reflected upon a culture different from their own.

Year 3 Term 2 - Where are there environments in the world at risk? How can we help them?

In the Spring Term of year 3, children will learn about environments in the world that are at risk - they will become experts in natural disasters and will consider how we can make a positive contribution to people in need and environments at risk. They will learn about contrasting environments, including mountains and volcanoes, then go on to create their own mountain or volcano model. The children will scientifically explore plants within different environments and also consider how forces and magnets impact on our earth. They will explore the Roman Empire, considering the historical disasters of Pompeii and Vesuvius; they will also design and make a working Roman catapult.  Exploring landscapes through artists such as Monet and Cezanne, children will appreciate our natural world further. By the end of their learning challenge, the children will have a wider understanding of their place in the world, whilst learning to make a positive changes to help people adversely affected by their environment.

Year 3 Term 3 - What does it mean to be British?



In the Summer Term, year 3 will learn all about our country of Great Britain. At the end of the topic parents will be invited to a traditional British afternoon tea where some British made products will be on sale. They will study British art from across the centuries and create botanical paintings linked with their science topic - also looking at the patterns, design and print of their own designs before creating a finished product. In history, they will be learning about the Stone Age and the Iron Age, then looking at the British monarchy and Royal family (including kings and queens such as Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II).  As part of their learning challenge they will cook some savory British dishes, including using local produce. By the end of their learning challenge, the children will have explored who they are as British citizens, what it means to them to be British and how different cultures have influenced Britain through the ages.

Please note that our learning challenge overview statements do not include every subject or area that will be taught that term. They are just to give you a flavour of the sort of things the children will be learning and the learning outcomes at the end of each term.

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