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Year 2 Curriculum


Year 2 Term 1 - What is the significance of fire in the past?

For the first term in year 2 our children will create an exhibition for our pop-up museum about the impact of fire on our country. In English, they will write stories based in different locations including London and also write non-chronological reports. They will research  about the events of the Great Fire of London, including about Samuel Pepys and the impact of the fire at that time. Year 2 will also have the opportunity to visit Aston Hall. Pupils will use maps and aerial photographs to identify London and its famous landmarks and plot the route the Great Fire of London took. They will also study influential artists from that time and explore different painting techniques in order to create their own interpretation of the Great Fire; they will make their own Tudor house using stiffening and strengthening techniques. Pupils will also investigate different materials which can be used when designing their own bridge. By the end of the learning challenge, our children should have a better understanding of how past events have affected our history and what changes have arisen as a result of these events.

Year 2 Term 2 - Can we create a gallery to share the culture of China?

In the Spring Term, year 2 will be researching China and creating a gallery to showcase their findings about Chinese culture. They will invite family, friends and the community to visit their galley in order to raise funds - to then adopt a panda with the WWF and check on its progress throughout the rest of the year.  Pupils will read stories, such as The Magic Paintbrush by J Donaldson, and write fictional diaries in the style of Dear Panda by M Latimer. They will also create Chinese puppets using different joining and sewing techniques and make moving Chinese toys. Pupils will identify where China is in relation to England geographically, comparing the human and geographical features of both countries. By finding out about key periods in China’s history (e.g. kings and gods), pupils will learn more about Chinese society and culture in order to design and make their own computer game based on China. By the end of the learning challenge, our children will have a developed a more focused awareness of the culture of another country - and how another culture’s practices and beliefs are both similar to and different from their own.

Year 2 Term 3 - Can we help our families be healthy through exercise and food?

In the Summer Term, year 2 will link with the British Heart Foundation to raise both the year group and whole school’s awareness of keeping healthy. They will create and produce their own fitness DVDs, giving advice on suitable exercises and dietary needs for healthy lifestyles for everyone.  They will even be making healthy flapjacks to sell to parents. They will read works by the author Roald Dahl including exploring the very unhealthy Mr Twit, and non-fiction books on sports, fitness and the Olympics. They will study the work of the artist, Arcimboldo, and create collages and paintings in a similar style. They also have the opportunity to visit Portway Lifestyle Centre to test and improve their own levels of fitness. By the end of the learning challenge our children will have a greater understanding of how their bodies work and how to stay healthy. They will be able to explain to others how to follow a healthy diet and keep fit both mentally and physically.

Please note that our learning challenge overview statements do not include every subject or area that will be taught that term. They are just to give you a flavour of the sort of things the children will be learning and the learning outcomes at the end of each term.

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