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Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 Term 1 - How can I show who I am? Who helps me and who helped me in the past?

For the first term in year 1 our children will create an exhibition at our pop-up museum event based around themselves, their families, their pets and people who help them  - both now and in the past. They will read traditional tales and fairy stories and perform dances as fairy tale characters like Little Red Riding Hood; they may even venture out into the woods! They will learn about pets, including our school dog Faith, discovering how to look after and care for their animals. They will also learn about people who look after us and people who have looked after us in the past, such as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. They will learn about themselves make self portraits, frames and learn a little about where they live and where their families came from using a map. By the end of the learning challenge, our children should have a clear understanding of who they are, how they can care for others and how people care for them now (and have done in the past).

Year 1 Term 2 - What is it like in this place around us? Can we explore it?

In the Spring Term year 1 will learn more about the place in which they live, creating a public display about Oldbury at our local library for everyone to see!  They will read stories about characters who make journeys - such as the Jolly Postman. They will even write and create their own Jolly Postman style pop-up book. Pupils will go on many walks around school and the local area, using their exploration skills to find out about city and town landscapes, identifying the materials used to make houses and their properties and follow and create their own maps. They will also program a toy bee bot to follow a map using their computing skills and think about how toys from the past and the transport in Oldbury has changed over the years. By the end of the learning challenge, our children should have a clear understanding of the place in which they live and will have further developed a sense of adventure to explore and find out about places around them!

Year 1 Term 3  - What can we grow in our own environment?  Can we create a ‘green’ garden centre at Christ Church?


In the Summer Term year 1 will create and then run their own garden centre with things that they have grown or made - to sell to parents and others in our local community. They will read stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk and create country landscapes and natural sculptures to sell in our garden centre shop. Pupils will also make flower sketches and rubbings and even film a cooking program like famous TV chefs. They will learn about explorers and people who have migrated; pupils will think about the environment and the climates around the world, while considering our own climate in the UK. They will also create their own rain compositions in music and use the outdoor school environment to develop their skills in athletics and games. By the end of their learning challenge, our children should have a better understanding of plants and food - they should know more about what the environment can do for all of us and that it is important for all of us to look after it.


Please note that our learning challenge overview statements do not include every subject or area that will be taught that term. They are just to give you a flavour of the sort of things the children will be learning and the learning outcomes at the end of each term.

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