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School Aims

Motto: "let your light shine"

Our Mission statement: We strive to create an environment which promotes a thirst for learning and gives everyone the best chance of success, within a caring Christian ethos.



We will value ourselves as a unique individual with special qualities and strengths, and will have a strong social, spiritual and moral grounding on which to base relationships and decisions.  

We will take responsibility for our actions and have a respect and understanding of the beliefs, values and needs of others in the local and global community.

We will achieve our potential through developing our skills, knowledge and understanding across a creative and inspiring curriculum and become a life-long learner.

We will be actively involved in our own learning through self-evaluation and awareness of learning goals.

We will be a highly motivated, skilled and resilient learner, able to be reflective on our learning and willing to accept constructive comments and guidance. 

We will welcome new experiences and be courageous in our learning, which will develop our confidence to tackle challenges, solve problems and make mistakes within a secure environment.

We will be encouraged to understand the meaning and significance of faith.



I will be proud of all that I do and I will treat others with kindness. 

I will respect and value myself and others, no matter what we believe, how we look or where we live. 

I will be responsible for the way I behave.

I will be the best that I can be.

I will embrace new challenges and learning opportunities.

I will reflect on my learning and listen to advice from others about how to improve.

I will have fun, enjoy learning new things at school and have the courage to make mistakes.

I will think about my own faith and what difference it can make to me and how I live.


Christ Church C of E Primary School,
Albert Street, Oldbury, B69 4DE
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