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A Summary of Italian

At Christ Church Italian will be taught throughout KS2 on a weekly basis for approximately 30 minutes. Where possible links will be made to the learning challenges.

We consider the characteristics of children learning Italian to be:

·      To read fluently

·       To write imaginatively

·        To speak confidently

·        To understand the culture of the countries in which the language is spoken


·        Opportunity to enrich children’s understanding of different cultures

·     To experience visits from experts/language specialists/other professionals to give children a broader understanding


'I like learning Italian because it’s a nice language and can help me if we go to Italy on holiday. We had fun when we sampled the food like lasagne'  Dinari

'I learnt the numbers up to 40, how to sing songs in Italian and some interesting facts. I also know how to say my name is and ask what your name is. I really enjoy learning Italian' Remy

'I learnt a lot of Italian words like hello, good morning, good afternoon. I also learnt the different colours and numbers. It was fun' Dannii

Weekly challenge to be updated weekly

1.         Name 2 famous landmarks in Italy?

2.         What does bambino mean?

   Write numbers 1 – 5 in Italian

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