School Dog

School Dog – September 2016 update


I am sure that you will agree that Faith has made a great start in settling into Christ Church Primary.

She enjoys greeting visitors to the SLT room, especially when they are calm and don’t get her too excited. As a young puppy, her teeth and claws are sharp and though she doesn’t mean to hurt, an accident could happen if the rules are not followed.

Faith is becoming familiar with the layout of the school and is often happy to greet children on her walks outside. Please remember to ask permission to pet Faith and don’t crowd around her as this might frighten her.

After a walk or a play with her Pets At Home toys , Faith often enjoys a nap under Miss Taylor’s desk.

Over the Summer holidays, Faith has enjoyed spending time with Mrs Long and Mrs Quigley’s families. She especially enjoys walking in the parks and woods and meeting other dogs.

She is doing really well with her training. She will sit, lie and stand when asked by Mrs Long or Mrs Quigley – especially when there is a treat to reward her with! She now lets us know when she needs to go outside. She is starting to walk well on her lead and come back when she is off the lead. At the end of August, Faith completed her Kennel club Puppy Foundation course gaining full marks. See if you can spot the new display board where you can find her certificates and rosettes.

Faith is continuing to have monthly check-ups at the Orchard vets, who expertly look after her health needs. We are very lucky to have a healthy happy dog in school.

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