Our Visual Mission Statement

Our Visual Mission Statement

The  artwork  in our main entrance was created by: Asyia Bibi, Megan Norton, Kyron Takher, Zoe Anih, Hafsa Aktar, Jason, Alessia Easton, Rhea Nimmo, Navraj nijjer, Manjot Kaur, Amrit Gosal, Gitanjali Jaghra, Chloe Longhurst, Travis Lavidange-Denne, Hofendji Pembe, Vaishnavi Navaneethan during art club, Autumn 2015.

The segments of the sun represent the multi cultural friendships of the classes within the school.

The sun beams represents: beams of happiness, joy, compassion, laughter, friendship, acceptance, helpfulness and consideration.

The light bulb represents our minds that are electrified with knowledge.

The light shows that God welcomes everyone

The fire represents a passion for learning.

The shoot symbolises the tiny shoots which then with help will flourish into thriving individuals. 

This is done with the help of: the governors (symbolised by the rain drops) which feed the school. 

The teachers (represented by stars) who help to guide the children’s way in the world. 

The flower represents the children who have now blossomed into confident and capable individuals who will in the future shed their seeds (the future generation) so that the cycle can begin again.

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