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A Summary of Religious Education

 Our RE Curriculum

Throughout key stages 1 and 2 as an Anglican school in the Birmingham Diocese we aim that through Religious Education pupils should encounter:

·         Clear presentation of the Christian story and Jesus Christ as Christians

·         Understand Him to be, within Trinitarian theology

·         Positive portrayal of the multi-cultural and global nature of the Christian faith

·         Teaching about the two Church of England sacraments (baptism and holy communion)

·         Promotion of key gospel themes: e.g. love, worth, stewardship, justice, forgiveness, sacrifice, hospitality, grace, acceptance, growth / change etc...

·         Regular use of Bible stories within the curriculum to explore these themes and link them to Christian values, so that every child will achieve some biblical literacy.

·         Accurate, sympathetic teaching about beliefs and values in other faiths

·         Visitors to the school who are effective communicators about faith

·         Visits to places of worship of major faiths during school life

Through prayer and worship children should encounter:

·         A distinctive appreciation of time, that there is more to life than busyness, which should be put aside for prayer at least once a day.

·         High quality Collective Worship which is engaging, inspiring and transformational

·         Invitations to contribute to worship

·         Where possible, at least annual services in local parish church


Children’s spirituality will be developed by:

·         An encounter with Christian spirituality which is more than awe and wonder; to include facing fears and failures and experiencing confession, forgiveness, and thankfulness for good things not deserved.

·         The rhythm of the Christian calendar

·         Presentation of a Christian understanding of what it means to be a person


·         Encouragements to consider how what they most value affects their commitments and choices.

Children will have the opportunity to:

·         Feel that their value is independent of their achievements or success – that it derives from being God's child and that every child matters to God

·         Freedom to express or practice their faith without fear of prejudice or bullying, as appropriate

·         Enjoying praise and recognition through achievement assembly or similar (gifts and talents) each year, as well as private praise

·         Having a piece of their work on display during the course of the year – something they can be proud of...

·         Teaching which enables them make at least 2 sub-levels of progress annually – or be in receipt of targeted support.

·         Teaching across the curriculum about relationships and health in the light of faith values






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