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A Summary of Physical Education

Physical Education at Christ Church


Physical education is viewed by both Christ Church Primary and the government as a very important subject. From September 2014, physical education will become a core subject - reiterating the subject’s importance in today’s society.


P.E. will be taught on a regular, weekly basic at Christ Church, with up to 2 hours of physically active, high quality teaching taking place throughout key stages 1 and 2.


P.E. focuses primarily on a healthy lifestyle leading to children having opportunities to compete at an intra-school level and then at inter-school level. As well as learning about the positive effects on the body which P.E. has, the children will also learn about team work, respect, fairness and honesty - all of which are an integral part of team sport.


In key stage 1, children will be taught basic gross motor movements along with fine motor skills encouraging children to throw and catch a ball accurately, jump in a variety of ways and develop balancing, agility and co-ordination.


The children will also learn different dance patterns using physically demanding moves and display creative performances together through rehearsal to further improve routines.


Children will also take part in team games, learning about differences between defence and attack,  leading to an implementation of the gross and fine motor skills which they have learnt about.


In key stage 2, children will continue the development of fine motor skills and combine skills of running, throwing and catching, practising both individually and working as a team.


Competitive games will be played in a sportsman like manner, embedding the ethos of team work and fair play.


Alongside this, children will take part in outdoor and adventurous activities to build self-confidence and self-esteem, challenging themselves not only individually but also as part of a team.


The children in key stage 2 will also be taught to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a minimum distance of 25 metres. They will be taught aspects of water safety, how to self-rescue and use a range of strokes to the best of their ability.


As well as physical education being taught in school time, there are opportunities for children to continue the active lifestyle in a range of after school clubs such as football and dance.


Christ Church has recently employed a full time sports coach which shows the determination of the school to embed physical education as a core subject.  Further enhancing the role of physical education at Christ Church, we work with a tennis coach which offers our children the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions.

Christ Church strive to produce active, healthy individuals, who continue their healthy lifestyle many years beyond primary age, due to the firm foundation they have received in our school.

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